Life is

Full of stories

Life is full of stories

Who first married in our family? How many people carry my surname? Where are you from? Everyone has their own story. As a member of the NGV (Dutch Genealogical Society) you have access to numerous documents and databases to map your personal story.



Welcome to the NGV

Genealogy is researching the history of your ancestral genus and the origin of your surname. The practice of genealogy is, in view of the growing popularity, a fascinating and valuable leisure activity, whereby everyone tries to compose their own family tree by tracing ancestors and relatives. You are as it were a detective looking for traces of your family history.

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Scattered throughout the country there is a department nationwide with a number of working areas and there are about twenty departments that also have genealogical collections. These departments organize many activities for members and non-members. Regularly there are departmental meetings where interesting speakers are invited (...)

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About Us

The NGV, the largest association in the Netherlands focused on family history, counts approximately 7,000 members. Members who are interested in the history of their family, who can be enthusiastic about the great or lesser known deeds of previous generations. They are people who can interact with the information that is available and look patiently in the archives until they have found a new clue again. Ambassadors of family history who ensure that family stories are not lost.

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Specialized services

The computer and IT services are indispensable tools when you dive into your history. An important service we provide is assistance with the use of the computer and various software when doing genealogical research.

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"Eventually everyone is family..."

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